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Why Divorce Mediation?

Author: Avalene Bateman

The decision to divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, with consequences that will effect you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Our aim as divorce mediators is to assist you firstly in being certain of your decision. We also look at the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship and in so doing see if the relationship can be salvaged and if not, what would be the best possible outcome for all involved. The partners, the family, and even the extended family and friends will be emotionally impacted in some way. Choosing the mediation route rather than acrimonious litigation is at least some conscious and mindful way of minimizing the negative effects of divorce/termination of a relationship. Furthermore, in understanding the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship, the partners are offered a chance for healing in a safe and non judgmental environment. This is essential for both parties to be able to move forward with their lives in the most constructive way possible, and helps with the negotiation process by removing some of the underlying issues that would hinder equitable settlement and co parenting.

Once we have completed the initial task of understanding the breakdown of the relationship, we then begin settlement negotiations, where we guide you on coming to agreement regarding the splitting of the assets. This can be highly emotionally charged, and our aim is to bring peace and integrity to the decision making process. All agreements reached will be carefully documented and will form the Memorandum of Understanding between the parties.

Lastly, we assist you with a Parenting Plan that outlines all your roles and responsibilities regarding any minor children. We also conduct child interviews to help ascertain what would be in the best interests of the children.

We assist with contested as well as uncontested divorces, customary and civil cases.

The divorce mediation moves at a pace that is comfortable for both parties and can be completed very quickly and stress free depending on the issues at hand.

Divorce mediation is not a legal or forensic intervention, as such the exorbitant costs of litigation are not accrued. You will be given a Memorandum of Understanding at the termination of the mediation, and this document will serve as your divorce papers.

Why choose us:

The primary benefit of a mediated process is to avoid a lengthy and conflictual legal battle. My passion is to help partners part in the most constructive way possible, once it is established that they are ready to terminate their relationship. I encourage honesty, fairness, integrity and peace. With over 25 years in private practice as a clinical psychologist, and over 10 years working as a mediator, I bring a combination of skills that will assist you and your family during this traumatic time. I am able to assess the impact on your children and refer to other specialists where necessary.


Pictured Above: Avalene Bateman

Avalene Bateman is a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and mediation. She is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa and the Board of Healthcare Funders.