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Professional Divorce Mediation Services

Our aim is to resolve the disputed matter in 21 days, through a process of individual and joint consultations with the parties, without any legal representation involved.

[20 hours of professional consultation with the parties, and 6 hours of evaluative professional meetings post consultations]

After every consultation, the two mediators will meet to analyse the dynamics of the dispute, and to seek constructive solutions and recommendations. Feedback will be given at the start of every consultation.

The standard intervention process can be modified as necessary to accommodate individual needs.


Step 1

A two-hour consultation with the mediator and both parties


Step 2

Individual consultation with the mediator


Step 3

Two hours consultation with the mediator and both parties


Step 6

A resolution is achieved that both parties have agreed upon


Step 5

Two hours consultation with the mediator and both parties involved


Step 4

Individual consultation with the mediator

We are also available for hourly facilitated discussions as solution seeking in contentious issues.

These issues may include:

  •  Family disputes
  •  Disputes over wills, inheritance, and testaments
  •  Effective co-parenting
  • Termination of same-sex relationships
  • Parent-child disputes
  • Personal conflicts in the workplace
  • Parental alienation

About Me


Avalene Bateman is a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and mediation. She is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa and the Board of Healthcare Funders.


Avalene`s areas of expertise include:

• Mediation and Conciliation

• Constructive Conflict Resolution
• Divorce Mediation
• Couple Therapy
• Individual Therapy
• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
• Effective Parenting
• Holistic Healing

• Trauma and Recovery