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Parenting Plan

Author: Avalene Bateman

As parents, the child’s needs come at a high priority. These needs can manifest in many ways and will be unique to each child, family unit and situation. The purpose of a parenting plan is to assist parents, particularly those in the process of divorce or separation, to arrive at an agreed-upon workable program surrounding the care, access, finances, etc. of the children.

A parenting plan is put in place by the parents, with the aid of the professional mediator. It endeavors to come to a healthy, working plan that both parents agree on and can work with on an ongoing basis. Plans can be adjusted when necessary during the mediation process, and are thus adaptable to changing circumstances.

A parenting plan is a very important tool used in the mediation process, as it provides both parents with a stable, tangible outline to follow, and incorporates what is best for the child. A parenting plan is a platform that enables a fair compromise between parents and creates stability in the family unit.

When a parenting plan is drawn up, it is done so in the mediation room with both parents providing their input. Each parent will have their say in what they feel would be the best options, and with the guidance of the mediator, a compromise and fair plan will be drawn up.

The basic aspects of parenting plans include but are not limited to, the day to day life of the children, such as the child’s primary residence, dates and times of access and visits, parenting practices and rules, activities, holidays, schooling, religion, financial needs, emotional needs, etc.

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Pictured Above: Avalene Bateman

Avalene Bateman is a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy and mediation. She is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa and the Board of Healthcare Funders.