Divorce Mediation

Our aim is to facilitate amicable resolutions to conflicts in order to reach fair and equitable settlements, and to create enduring agreements between the parties that satisfies both parties and their children.

Parenting Plans

The purpose of a parenting plan is to assist parents, particularly those in the process of divorce or separation, to arrive at an agreed-upon workable program surrounding the care, access, finances etc. of the children.

Mediation & Conciliation

We offer facilitated processess that aim at finding resolutions to conflicts.

Divorce Mediation | Parenting Plans | Mediation and Conciliation

"Dispute poison" occurs when opponents battle it out, for revenge, retaliation, and financial compensation for emotional loss, and so on, thinking that this will ease the pain of loss or still the anger they feel towards the other.
Too often, after the breakdown of a relationship, or in conflict situations, people seek legal intervention which fosters acrimony, hostility, anger, bitterness, incapacitating emotional stress and recurrent wounding. Our intervention seeks to prevent this by facilitating the process of returning people to their honour and integrity, by creating an agreement of terms that is emotionally intelligent, and by fostering constructive ways to resolve issues.


• Integrity
• Honourability
• Constructive solution seeking
• Cost effectiveness
• Win-win outcomes
• Equal opportunity/ equal input/ balanced agreement

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We do not offer a legal or forensic intervention. Our aim is to deal with the psychological issues that contributed to the breakdown of the relationship, and which prevent the constructive resolution of contentious issues.

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